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TD*X Direct Fired Thermal Desorption Unit

TD*X has implemented direct heated thermal desorption units for a dozen projects with more than 200,000 tons of contaminated soil treated. These systems have included small “two load” units based on 4′ diameter primary dryers, larger units based on a 6′ and 7′ diameter dryers, and the largest capacity system ever built based on a 9′ diameter dryer (with sustained production rates of 65 to 130 ton/hr).

These units have performed work on soil contaminants ranging from simple petroleum hydrocarbons, to chlorinated solvents, organochlorine pesticides, and explosive materials. Five of these projects required the use of scrubbers in the air pollution control train.

For this work, TD*X staff had the following responsibilities:

  • Development of process design, heat and material balance,
  • Preparation of project proposals and project work plans,
  • Development of State air permit applications and permit equivalence documents in the states of Iowa, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Massachusetts,
  • Directing modification work at fabrication shops prior to project mobilization
  • Preparing full RCRA permit equivalency submittals on multiple Superfund cleanup projects
  • Directing the site preparation and installation of these units at multiple Superfund site cleanup projects
  • Day-to-day direction and supervision of field operations staffs of up to 20 engineers, operators and technicians in these operations, including projects in Mexico and Taiwan.
  • Performed air permit required emissions testing as well as comprehensive proof of performance (POP) testing according to project specifications and US Army Corps of Engineers requirements. Unit performance was characterized for contaminant removal, air emissions, engineering parameters, reliability, and operating economics.
  • Performance of Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) in full compliance with the OSHA Process Safety Management regulations for operations of highly hazardous facilities, as well as conducting ongoing operations in full compliance with the findings of these PHAs.

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