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In the pilot lab, samples are subjected to a rigorous testing protocol in specialized equipment.  This is done to establish the required treatment conditions for full-scale operation.  Pilot testing yields by far the most accurate result for potentially expensive waste treatment or site remediation.  This is particularly valuable to both the site's owner and the remediation contractor.  Focused, reliable and specific treatment conditions are determine that yield optimal performance.  High confidence that these conditions can be reproduced in the field mean for reduced performance risk and consequently lower price and schedule contingency.  TD*X uses the USEPA thermal desorption pilot testing treat ability study protocol, which our staff members helped to write.  Testing is performed on five to ten gallon size samples of contaminated solids in a pilot thermal desorption unit.  These tests can normally be performed the same week that the sample is received at the lab, with results available within one to three weeks, depending on the desired analytical laboratory turn-around-time.  Total project costs are approximately the same as the much less accurate "static tray test" protocol that is used by many other thermal treatment technology providers and test labs alike.

Pilot test lab is permitted for:

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Field Pilot Demonstration Testing

Indirect Heated Thermal Desorption  System

Indirect Thermal Desorpton Gas System

Mobile Thermal Desorption Unit

Trailer mounted small pilot thermal desorption system with indirect heated primary treatment unit and condensation and recovery style gas treatment system

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TD*X Thermal Desorption Equipment is Capable of Processing:

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