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TD*X Associates is a technology development firm that provides low temperature thermal desorption services for the remediation of PCB's, pesticides, solvents, coal tar, drilling mud's, dioxins, organic chemicals, mercury and other types of soils , for wastes generated at customer facilities, or for central treatment, storage and disposal facilities.

Pilot Testing
 Mixed Waste Thermal Treatment
Direct Fired Thermal Desorption Remediation

Pilot Testing-Since 1987, TD*X has performed hundreds of pilot test studies on treatment of hazardous chemical and PCB contaminated soil, sludge, sediment, filter cake and debris.  Dioxins and their precursors, as well as mercury contaminated materials are often the subjects of our testing projects.We operate a fully permitted pilot test lab and can perform pilot and bench scale treat ability studies as part of the remedy selection phase of soil remediation projects.  We also test customer samples from hazardous waste generators to identify lower cost treatment options than current methods, such as incineration or land filling.  We can also perform these treat ability studies on radioactive materials, even those that are contaminated by the same above mentioned hazardous chemicals and PCBs (i.e.. mixed wastes).  Technologies that can be tested include: low temperature thermal desorption, drying, base catalyzed decomposition, PCB chemical dechlorination, and others.









Field services.  Our staff perform field services to support thermal desorption unit operation and soil remediation projects.  This includes unit installation and start-up, demonstration testing to verify compliance with air emissions permits and performance specifications, optimization of operations to maximize performance and minimize cost, and engineering of modifications to the unit, to mention a few.  We have performed these field services for low temperature thermal desorption units (TDUs), leachate treatment systems, and  radioactive waste treatment systems.


Technical Consulting.  Our engineers and scientists can bring significant hands on experience to bear on waste treatment projects and problems.  We directly assist generators and remediation site potentially responsible parties (PRPs), or work with environmental services firms or remedial action contractors to solve problems or help select remedies.  These consulting services include proposal preparation, process engineering, remedy selection, air permitting, waste water permitting, treatment process permitting for hazardous waste (RCRA) and PCBs (TSCA),  EPA and OSHA process safety management reviews, and similar technical tasks.


Selected Performance Data.  In our pilot testing studies and full-scale soil remediation operations, we have generated significant, unique operating data.  This covers low temperature thermal desorption unit operations, residual contamination levels (PCB, dioxin, SVOC's, mercury, etc.), contaminant removal efficiency, and air emission factors and control efficiency.  These data are summarized in this web site, and continually added to as we generate new data.  We can evaluate new soil remediation projects or waste treatments in comparison with these existing data to quickly estimate performance and treatment costs.  These estimates are accurate and defensible, and can be supported by project specific pilot testing if our technologies pass the screening stages of the remedy selection process and merit a treat ability study

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The ITRC publication on regulatory requirements for Thermal Desorption implementation, co-authored by TD*X staff.

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